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Apartments in Palermo - Boutique Serrano

Palermo - Boutique Serrano

Code: Boutique Serrano

Type: 2 bedroom


Daily Price: u$s 150
Weekly: u$s 730
Monthly: u$s 2000

Minimum Stay:4 days
Maximum Stay:180 days


Baño - Toilette

Surface:68 m2

The eye-popping lime-green wall that greets you as you walk into
Boutique Serrano is the first hint that this apartment might not be your
typical home-away-from-home. Decorated with a mixture of modern and
retro touches, the flat exudes stylishness. Given that the owner is a
young Argentine interior designer with years of experience on Italy’s
flashy fashion circuit, it’s hardly shocking. Note the crystal
chandelier poised delicately over the dining table, complete with iconic
Finnish tulip chairs; the imported luxury appliances that serve dual
purpose as mirrors; the touches of granite and charcoal that highlight
the pure white of the painted brick wall; and just enough splashes of
cherry red to keep the eye on its toes (per se).

Each boudoir (more fitting for this apartment than the de rigeur
“bedroom��) with its queen-size bed and top-of-the-line linens has
plenty of closet space for purchases made at the dozens of designer
shops just steps away from the building, and plenty of light and air to
make breakfast in bed almost like breakfast in the park. Again, the
contrast of white (hand-painted side tables recovered from the local
flea market, re-purposed padded headboards) and color (the intoxicating
mixture of Malbec and plum purple splashed on the walls) are textbook
examples of that hard to pin down quality known as great taste. If
possible, the bathroom is even more chic, with its checkered black and
white floor that looks like it was imported whole from some obscure yet
fabulous boutique hotel in Naples, and a Kelly green paint job that
makes you happier just looking at it.

If you can tear yourself away from the apartment, the world outside is
just as exciting. Located only 1 block from the always bustling Plaza
Serrano, standard starting point for many an excellent night on the
town, and within (short) walking distance of just about any bar or
restaurant worth frequenting, you can’t get much closer than this.
Isabel is four blocks away, La Cabrera two, and La Fabrica del Taco
about 150 meters for any late night cravings that might strike
LuxuryBA TERMS for this property:

To confirm a Reservation, a Guest must pay the Initial Reservation Payment (as defined below under the heading “Reservation Confirmation”) within 48 hours of LuxuryBA’ email confirming the availability of the Accommodation for the requested dates and sending payment information to Guest (the “Reservation Payment Period”). LuxuryBA shall hold the requested dates at the Accommodation during the Reservation Payment Period.
Once receipt of the Initial Reservation Payment is confirmed, LuxuryBA will instruct the Owner to definitively book the Accommodation for you on the dates you have requested.  Subsequently, LuxuryBA will send you an email confirming your Reservation.
In connection with your requested Reservation, you will be asked to provide customary billing information such as name, billing address and credit card information either to LuxuryBA or its third party payment processor.

Reservation Confirmation

The “Initial Reservation Payment” is 50% of the total rent. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express through PayPal or bank transfer is also available. Guests using credit cards issued in certain countries may be subject to surcharges required by local law. You assume all costs, expenses, fees, taxes or other expenditures applied to any payments or wire transfers by any credit card company, bank or government authority involved in the transaction (even if the credit card company, bank or government authority technically charges LuxuryBA).  Following successful processing of your Initial Reservation Payment, LuxuryBA (or its representative) will send you a confirmation email summarizing your Reservation. LuxuryBA reserves the right to charge the Initial Reservation Payment and the Rent Balance (as defined below) together, summing to 100% of total rent, upon Reservation Confirmation. Initial Reservation Payments for stays greater than or equal to 2 months and less than 6 months will equal to a payment of 1 month rent. For stays greater than or equal to 6 months, the Initial Reservations Payment will equal to a payment of 2 months rent.

Rent Balance

The Rent Balance is the remaining balance of the total rent after deducting the Initial Reservation Payment.  Payment of the Rent Balance is due at least 10 days in advance of check-in. It can be paid via Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards, via Pay Pal or via U.S. bank transfer. Any and all commissions, charges, taxes and rates applicable to Rent Balance shall be solely borne by the Guest. If Guest fails to pay the Rent Balance ten (10) days prior to check-in, LuxuryBA may consider the reservation cancelled and proceed to offer the property to other potential guests. The Initial Reservation Payment previously made will not be refunded.

Changing your Reservation Dates

Any desired change to your Reservation dates is subject to availability. Any change to the dates of your Reservation made within thirty (30) days prior to check-in shall be subject to an additional charge.  No additional charge will apply to any change to your Reservation dates made more than thirty (30) days in advance of your Reservation.

Guest Cancellations and Refunds

Except in the limited situations described above, 50% of the total rent the Initial Reservation Payment, is not refundable. Generally, cancelling your Reservation within 10 days of your scheduled arrival date will result in forfeiture of the total rent, including the Rent Balance and Initial Reservation Payment. For stays longer than one month, a cancellation within 10 days before the scheduled arrival date will result in the forfeiture of your Initial Reservation Payment and one month’s rent. For stays longer than six months, a cancellation within 10 days before the scheduled arrival date will result in the forfeiture of your Initial Reservation Payment and two months’ rent. For stays less than 2 months, a cancellation within 10 days before the scheduled arrival date will result in the forfeiture of the total rent. For stays greater than or equal to 2 months, a cancellation within 10 days before the scheduled arrival date will result in the forfeiture of the Guest’s Initial Reservation Payment and 1 month’s rent.

You expressly acknowledge that your surrender of the Accommodation prior to expiration of the rental term for any reason whatsoever does not entitle you to any rental reimbursement or other claim.


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Bath : 1
Refrigerator with Freezer
Washing machine
internet WIFI

Queen Beds: 2

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